Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Paperwork and physicals

Just to update you guys yet again....
So, first of all, we are moving. Check out our other blog for details on that.
We are currently working really hard to get all the paper work completed before or right around the time that we move, which is December 1st! Friday we will get our physicals done and it will be nice to have that out of our way. We haven't yet got the shirts finished for a few reasons. It is going to cost a lot to move and a lot to make shirts. We know that we need to make them so that we can continue to add to the much need adoption fund(saved or raised about $10,000 and still need around $16,000) but we are crazy-good about budgeting and need to make some changes in order to make all of this happen at the right time..

Pray for our move and money! Thanks

Friday, October 15, 2010

long needed update!

So we haven't officially made the switch to Ethiopia but we are in the process. We are waiting for our agency to create for us a new contract. We are hopeful that it will be completed soon. In the mean time we have had our last home study visit which means it will be completed once our switch is official and we have been trying some different fund raising ideas. We will be getting our t-shirts this next week. Sorry for the delay. We were unsure what our adoption process was going to look like once Rwanda closed. SO look for t-shirts soon! Here is a sneak peek....