Friday, September 7, 2012

Tomorrow our sweet baby girl will be 4 months old. It feels so crazy that we have known about her for a month now and we still haven't held her, touched her, heard her cry... nothing! This part of the process has, by far, been the hardest! At the beginning of this process I dreamed about the day I would finally lay eyes on my child, the one God had hand picked for our family. I thought that when I finally saw her the wait would be over. Little did I know that we would once again be waiting! I think about our precious baby girl a lot! I wonder what she is doing and how she is developing. I recently started thinking about her birth mom and dad. I am curious how they are. Do they long for her? Are they sad she is gone? Are they even alive? I long for them to know I am thankful for the sacrifice they are making. I will love this baby with all my heart. I will teach her and train her up the way she should go. I will encourage her and be there. I will provide for her the best that I can. I will give her 2 amazing brothers that will protect her. I will fix her hair the best I can :/. I will, most of all, seek the Lord and obey Him. But, what I long for most, is that they will love the Lord and serve Him too! I ask that you join us as we pray! Pray for our baby girl, her birth family, and this process.

On a lighter note, we have officially given our baby girl a name. Both of our boys have family names and we only see fit that we give our girl a family name as well. Her name is going to be:

Chaney - My middle name and my late grandmother's maiden name

Elizabeth - Jonathan's late grandmother's first name

Nitsuh - Her African name

us waiting=)