Sunday, January 30, 2011

friday report

Friday we met with our social worker and did the finishing touches on our home study. It was a nice feeling to actually put action towards our adoption considering over a month we have just been in waiting. We still have a few steps before all of our paper work will be officially completed to send to Ethiopia, but actually taking steps makes this process much easier.
Thanks for praying and giving during this amazing time in our lives. We long for that sweet baby God has picked out for us!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Home Study completed... well soon=)

Sorry that I am not a good blogger. I look at a lot of other blogs and realize that my blogs are pretty lame. I am not a good writer, and my creativeness only comes at others' expense. Oh well, this is me, and this is our adoption story no matter how great my blog is our how creative it may or may not be....

So January is almost over and I can't believe that we have been in Hammond for almost two months. Things are going really well here and we are settling in nicely. We are starting to make friends and learn our way around this town. It has been fun thus far. Students came back this past week and it was SO nice to see them and get to know them. They really are a cool group of students and I think we are really going to enjoy doing ministry with them.

As far as the adoption, we will finish up our home study next Friday! We are so ready and glad that it will be done. We were hoping that the move wouldn't set us back too much and we are thankful that it only set us back about a month and a half. We are constantly blown away by the Lord's timing and KNOW that this is all up to Him. We rest in Him knowing that His time frame works out perfectly even when it sometimes drives us nuts!! Once the home study is completed we will be able to do a few things. 1. Send our last mailer to our agency. 2. Apply for grants=) 3. Finish our fingerprints. 4. Send our paper work to Ethiopia and wait for a referral.(which is a wait of 2-12 months)

We ask that you guys join us as we pray for our little sweet baby. We think about him/her a lot and long for the day when we get to bring him/her home!!

update on shirts: as of right now they are put on hold.=( sorry....
update on status gender: when we were adopting from Rwanda we felt peace about a girl. With Ethiopia we don't feel that same peace so we are going to take the first available. That means we could get a girl or a boy..

Monday, January 3, 2011

yet another needed update!!

So Christmas is over and we are preparing to finish our home study. Once that is finished we will be able to send our last packet of information to our agency and be ready for our final fingerprints. After that we sit and wait! We are anxious and ready for this part of the process to be over. Thanks for praying and giving so generously. We will send a HUGE payment at the end of the month and without your help we could not have made all this really happen! Please continue to pray for us as we prepare, save, and wait!