Thursday, August 4, 2011


It is official!! All of our stuff is in Ethiopia and we are waiting for our paperwork to be approved in country then the placement process begins. We have been told this process could take 4-5 months yet we are unsure. We know that the country is in its rainy season which could delay things some. We also want to let you guys know a few details of this process. It seems like we are asked often about the sex and age range. We originally were adopting from Rwanda and felt peace about pursing a girl. When Rwanda closed and we switched to Ethiopia we no longer felt peace pursing a girl so we decided to purse either sex. That means we could get a boy or a girl. Also the age range that we desire is 0-24 months. This means that upon the time of referral the child could be anywhere between birth and 2 years old. We are excited about this time in our lives and are thankful for the many prayers, encouragement and financial contributions you guys have made over the past 16 months!! We ask that you continue to pray for our Ethiopian baby, or as Jackson calls him/her, Best Buddy Clark. Also pray that the Lord would provide each step of the way!