Monday, August 20, 2012

Newest News from August 20, 2012

As of today, Monday, August 20, 2012, we are still in Louisiana while our un-met daughter is in Ethiopia. We didn't get a court date pre-rainy season, which is all good, because we will trust the Lord.

Here is what we do know...assuming courts continue to proceed as planned, we will be in Ethiopia with a court date of October 22, travelling a few days prior, staying a few days, and then headed home emptyhanded. We will then wait 1-4 months to traval again and bring her home!

If you ordered one of the Africa pendants, we anticipate them arriving to us early this week and then mailed out to you later this week. The response to those was incredibly overwhelming and we are humbled and grateful for your support of this adoption!

In unrelated news, this past Saturday night, we had two families over for dinner, both of which also live in Ponchatoula, LA...both of which are also adopting from Ethiopia. It was a sweet time of encouragement and stories of the Lord's leading and faithfulness! We look forward to having playmates!

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  1. So excited for the newest addition to the Clark's and that you have found families to share this experience with as well. Love, the Bergeron's