Monday, August 6, 2012

This Friday, August 10th, Frazier will turn 1 year old. 6 days later we will celebrate our one year anniversary of having our "log in date," which basically means that all of our documents have passed the US government and the Ethiopian government and we were officially on the "list" to be placed with a child. Well, the months progressed and we would catch wind here and there that we were fifth on the list, then third on the list. Then we got word that in the month of July two families received their "referrals," which means officially being placed with a child. That made us a just a wee bit anxious to be "next" on the list. Now, as of August 6th, 2012, someone else is now next on the list as we received and confirmed OUR referral on Thursday, August 2nd! We are SUPER excited about our...wait for it...DAUGHTER! She is just under three months old and is in good health (as good as can be evaluated based on the resources).

Here is where it gets a bit stressful for us. Ethiopia has what is called "rainy season." It's just that, however, the courts close during rainy season for a couple months. Our agency is bending over backwards to get us our first court date before the courts close (predictably August 17th). What this means for us is that we could be travelling to Ethiopia in the next few DAYS. That is pretty insane to us considering Frazier still nurses, Jackson will be starting Kindergarten that week, and that the first few days of the Fall Semester are pivotal for a college minister. In the event we get to travel in the next few days will mean bringing home OUR baby two months sooner than later.

We are very excited, overwhelmed, nervous, scared, humbled, etc. Ever since we have started this process, we have had only one option: "Trust the Lord." That is plan A...there is no plan B. We will trust the Lord with our new baby. We will trust the Lord with our children. We will trust the Lord with logistics. We will trust the Lord with finances. We will trust the Lord, period. There is no other option.

This season of the adoption is where ALLLL that money we raised over the last two years and 5 months starts to be spent quickly. $1200 here. $8000 there. Plane tickets here. Guest Housing expenses there. It will be depleted quickly. Fortunately, we have a significant bit of this money raised and in the bank. We WILL be doing some more fund-raising as we come down the stretch. We are selling these Africa Charm necklaces for $25 (pictured below). Let Erin know if you are interested in purchasing one: Or, let me, Jonathan know: We will be glad to get one to you! We might even be re-visiting making t-shirts for selling as well.

Most importantly, be praying for us. The Lord has sustained our potential anxiety with His perfect peace. Pray for our little girl. Pray for the transition, for the travel, for the funds, for our boys, and for all the little details that make adoption possible.

Thanks so much for journeying with us!

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